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Shell Shocked: The intransitive verb blues

October 11, 2017 As I get older I keep coming up with strange new symptoms. The other day I woke up with a roaring case of intransitive verbs.  I don’t know how this occurred. more »»

In the Garden: White bird of paradise

October 11, 2017 White Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Nicolai), stands out with its large leaves and exotic flower. more »»

Living Sanibel: Florida black bear

October 11, 2017 Unlike the coyote, wild turkey, and white-tailed deer, the black bear has not done so well adapting to manmade changes in the environment. more »»

On the Water: Anglers starting to get back into action

October 4, 2017 With Hurricane Irma a couple weeks in our rear view mirror, anglers are beginning to get back on the water. Despite extremely dark water from the storm run-off, many found fishing surprisingly good. more »»

Faces on Faith: Voices of faith

October 4, 2017 “For You, O God, silence is praise!” (Psalm 65:1) In the face of the hurricane that devastated the lives of many and disrupted our lives, silence is appropriate. more »»

Rotary Happenings: Rotary gives back

October 4, 2017 Glad to be back at the Dunes this week for our regular Friday morning Sanibel-Captiva Rotary Club meeting and having a chance to connect with fellow Rotarians and hearing about their experiences... more »»

Shell Shocked: A tyrannosaurus is loose in Sanibel

October 4, 2017 Could it be? Can the impossible be happening to Sanibel? Last week’s newspaper reported that a 4-1/2 foot Nile Monitor lizard was seen on Periwinkle. more »»

Poetic License: Apology for hurricanes

October 4, 2017 I can only hope that my decision to reprint all my hurricane poems had nothing to do with the creation of three monster storms this hurricane season. more »»

In the Garden: Spartina: Seaside grass

October 4, 2017 Smooth Cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora) commonly referred to as Spartina grass, is a perennial deciduous grass found in intertidal wetland and estuarine salt marshes. more »»

Living Sanibel: Permit

October 4, 2017 The permit is one of the most sought-after game fish in Florida. Anglers have been known to fly into the Keys from everywhere on the planet to catch one of these elusive members of the jack family. more »»

Faces on Faith: After the storm

September 27, 2017 Not far from my home there is an apartment complex with a tall flag pole in front of its entrance. more »»

Shell Shocked: The life and death of Irma

September 27, 2017 I don’t recall any other situation in my many years in Sanibel that caused such a range of emotions. They went from fear to acceptance to relie. more »»

Living Sanibel: Goliath grouper

September 27, 2017 Regionally, only the great hammerhead shark is larger than this immense grouper. more »»

Poetic License: Second thoughts while waiting to make a left turn onto Periwinkle Way at height of season

September 27, 2017 Maybe creating the paradise was too easy, maybe the overlooked place we built against the current fashion, the shell filled beaches we kept replenishing with borrowed sand, the great big sanctuary w... more »»

Living Sanibel: Everglades Mink

September 20, 2017 The mink is a member of a larger family of weasels and polecats (Mustela), which contains 16 different species worldwide. Only two of these species are mink: the American mink and the European mink. more »»

Shell Shocked: It’s an embarrassing world

September 12, 2017 Someone asked me the other day what the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me was. I didn’t have to think long and hard about that one. more »»

Living Sanibel: Gafftopsail catfish

September 12, 2017 Similar in many respects to the hardhead but considerably larger, the gafftopsail catfish is a much stronger fighter when hooked. more »»

Poetic License: The night Charlie Parker played tenor at Montmartre Café in Greenwich Village

September 12, 2017 Like I knew when it was happening that sixty years after I could still tell you about it and you still wouldn’t really believe me: It’s one ‘clock in the morning and I wander into Montmartre ... more »»

In the Garden: Clusia: A tropical classic

September 12, 2017 Clusia (Clusia Rosea) lends both an exotic and classy look to our Florida tropical landscape. The leaves are thick with a leathery texture, are rather large at 4-6” and teardrop-shaped. more »»

On the Water: Blue skies finally return

September 12, 2017 What a difference a week makes as the rain stopped and blue skies returne. more »»



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